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9 Foods We Only Eat Over The Christmas Season

Christmas is just around the corner – it’s time to buy Christmas trees or do a preorder to make sure the main attribute of the December holidays is in your home. Christmas is commonly associated with celebrating in a family circle that won’t go without the table with tasty dishes and drinks. Some of them are served only during the Christmas holidays, making this food even more special and welcome. Keep reading to discover what do people eat on Christmas.

What to eat for Christmas?

Essentially, traditional food on Christmas varies from region to region and from family to family. There is a tradition in some Catholic and Orthodox counties to serve a lean dinner on Christmas Eve while the table on Christmas itself is full of meat dishes. Interestingly, there should be twelve meatless dishes that represent twelve apostles. Anyway, some food served only on Christmas is typical for certain regions, including:

1.  Brussels sprouts

Christmas day is considered the only day in the year to eat Brussels sprouts. The sprouts are served with garlic or lemon butter, nutmeg, toasted hazelnuts, shallots. A tasty variant is to bake Brussels sprouts with bacon.

2.  Mulled wine

This warm aroma drink is perfect for a cold Christmas evening. Of course, you can have it at any other time in the year, but only on Christmas Eve, it becomes extraordinary!

3.  Mince pies

You can find mince pies on the market shelves only before Christmas, but it is not a problem to make at home anytime. These delicious mini-pies are filled with a mix of dried fruits and spices and are traditional for a range of English-speaking countries.

4.  Potato stuffing

You can find this meal on the many Christmas tables as the garnish. Potato stuffing includes mashed potatoes, sautéed veggies, breadcrumbs, and sage to make the tastiest savory notes on Christmas Eve for you and your family.

5.  Plum pudding

The plum pudding is traditionally served throughout Great Britain and Ireland. Despite the dessert’s name, the pudding doesn’t provide plums but is made of various dried fruits, eggs, alcohol, and spices.

6.  Eggnog

A not less traditional and standard drink for a festive season is so-called eggnog. This drink is popular during the Christmas holidays in Europe, England, the USA, and Latin America. Eggnog is a mix of egg and milk on a fruity basis with the addition of alcohol or without it.

7.  Ginger biscuits

Having different forms, ginger biscuits are often associated with a winter holiday season. These cookies make us feel like Christmas!

8.  Carrots

Like the Brussels sprouts, your Christmas dinner won’t be completed without baby carrots! Baked or glazed, carrots feel unusual during the cold winter season.

9.  Roast ham with a cranberry sauce

Like serving a turkey on a Thanksgiving day, delicious roasted ham with a sweet cranberry sauce is a valid attribute of a Christmas table for many people.