Christmas Trees

The 5 Most Famous Christmas Trees in the World

There are many Christmas trees around the world, but each of them, like each person, is unique. Some can give your home comfort and warmth during the cold winter holidays. The other will delight the residents of your city while walking along the snow-covered streets. And the third, one of those that we will talk about today, will attract tourists from all over the world who want to look at it.

What are the main attributes of a magical holiday for whole countries, and where are they located? Previously, these questions have already been asked by experts all around the globe. The results demonstrate it to be difficult for people to distinguish the most famous trees in the world. So, let’s figure out together if your rating matches us! While reading, do not waste your time and order Christmas tree delivery straight to your door.

What is the most popular Christmas tree?

It is not easy to say unequivocally. However, according to the opinions of the interviewed passers-by and Internet users, you can make the following list:

1) Christmas tree in Gubbio (Italy)

Now we let the cat out of the bag, but as you might have guessed, the first position is not occupied by Rockefeller Center.

In Gubbio, the evergreen beauty is not real. It is the epitome of craftsmanship and a winter, joyful fairy tale, created from various small, medium, and large bulbs.

Decorators place it on the slope of a mountain called Ingino, that is, on the city’s outskirts. It looks incredible! 

For this reason, tourists every year visit the city in the region of Italian Umbria. So we can safely award the title of “the best Christmas tree in the world” to the Italian evergreen charm.

 2) Christmas beauty at Rockefeller Center (USA, New York)

Still, this magnificent attraction for tourists and locals cannot be ignored. This Christmas tree is a top dog in the most popular Christmas tree nomination. If you don’t believe us, you can check this statement yourself on Instagram. More than 57 thousand hashtags with the name of this evergreen beauty already exist on the social network.

 3) Lovely evergreen tree in Vilnius (Lithuania)

In Europe, in addition to the Italian contestant, many more beautiful trees are a full-fledged decoration of Christmas. One of these incredible creations of nature can be considered a fir tree in Vilnius on Cathedral Square. Locals rightfully consider it one of the best attractions in their city and country. In addition to its natural beauty, it has acquired magnificent illumination characteristics thanks to the masters of its craft.

 4) Floating tree in the lagoon of Rodrigo de Freitas (Brazil)

Yes, you are right, it floats! Moreover, with the help of unique mounts, it can soar high above Rio de Janeiro and illuminate the whole city with its lights.

 5) Spruce from the Capitol (USA, Columbia)

Spruce in the capital of a huge country should distinguish by its unique splendor. And it is a symbol of Washington because once a year, it glows and shimmers in different colors, gleaming from the snow-covered surfaces.

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