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What Not To Bring On A Cruise Ship | The Complete List

Cruises seem like an ideal traveling way for multiple vacationers, with their advanced services, accommodations, and a wide range of exciting destinations. Many modern cruise lines do their best to make the passengers feel at home. Therefore, they possess special regulations on prohibited cruise items to take on a liner. Keep reading the article to determine what not to bring on a cruise ship. But first, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to book a cruise according to your preferences and a wallet.

Prohibited items on cruise ships: what to know?

1. Weapons

Most modern cruise lines prohibit bringing different types of weapons to their liners. They include belt buckle knives, guns, handcuffs, throwing stars, etc. As for the knives, various cruise providers have different restrictions. While Royal Caribbean bans all knives from being taken on board, the Carnival cruise line allows passengers to pack knives with blades shorter than 4 inches. Leaving any weapons and sharp items home would be better if you don’t want your hunting knife or large scissors to be confiscated.

2. Alcohol

Once you pack a bottle or two of beer or liquor for a cruise, most lines will likely confiscate these alcoholic drinks during your embarkation. And if you think that a cruise line will return your alcohol after a voyage, you might be mistaken. The truth is that confiscated bottles of alcoholic beverages will end up in the trash in most cases. On the other hand, wine is usually allowed to bring on a liner, but remember that cruise providers tend to limit the volume of wine that passengers can consume out of their accommodations.

3. Household appliances

Passenger safety is the priority for cruise lines, so they usually restrict bringing any appliances that can cause a fire. Flames can be genuinely disruptive at sea, so leaving your coffee maker and iron at home is a reasonable consideration. If you worry about the appearance of your clothes, especially for formal nights, ironing boards at some ships of Holland America and Carnival will help. However, certain famous cruise lines, including Norwegian and Royal Caribbean, don’t offer such ironing options, which can end up in a big concern for cruisers. When it comes to coffee makers, they are also forbidden to pack for sailing – you will have to pay extra for a cup of good coffee. Bringing electric kettles is against the rules too.

4. Wheeled devices

Leaving shoes with wheels at home will never hurt if you wonder what not to bring on a river cruise. A majority of cruise lines will confiscate from your luggage any wheeled devices, such as hoverboards, in-line skates, and Heelys shoes. Therefore, ensure you don’t pack any wheels for a cruise vacation – it will prevent your kid from confiscating their favorite pair of roller skates.