Top 10 Reasons Why Chinchilla Is an Amazing Pet

Chinchilla is a charming creature that originated from South America. Wild chinchilla lives at high elevations. Most likely it can be found on the slopes of the Andean Mountains in Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina. But today, this exotic animal is said to be the best pet you can have.

So, what is chinchilla? Do chinchillas make good pets? Take a minute and read about 10  reasons why chinchilla is a great pet.

1. Chinchillas Are Adorable

There is nobody who hates these small fur balls. You can look at them once and fall in love forever. Be sure, their cuteness won’t stay you aside.

2. Chinchillas Are Super Fast

Chinchillas owner needs to be supervised. It is important not to lose chinchillas out of sight when they are out of the cage. As a rule, most of the time they spend at the cage. However, they can’t be imprisoned all the time. Chinchilla wants to feel wild sometimes.

3. Chinchilla As A Pet Requires A Low-Maintenance Diet

It is important for chinchillas to stick to their essential dietary needs. As you know, they are herbivores and live off the low-fat and low-sugar diet. Their food is almost based on timothy hay and compacted pallets. Well, it is important to stick closely to this ratio.

4. Chinchillas Fur Is The Softest Fur-Ever

They are extremely soft and fluffy. Their dense fur is so thick that one follicle can hold up to 50 hairs. What is more, they cannot get fleas and mites because of the fur density. So, you won’t come across unwelcome pets in your house!

5. Chinchillas Are Sensitive To The Stuffy Space

Chinchillas’ fur is thick. As a result, it comes with the susceptibility to overheating. So, if the temperature is comfortable for human, it may be too stuffy for chinchillas. Just keep your exotic pet in an air-conditioned area and it will feel good.

6. Chinchillas Keep Clean With The Dust Bath

Chinchilla pet requires a dust bath two to three times per week. As the fur is extremely dense chinchillas cannot get wet. So, it is funny to look for the chinchilla when it bathes in a special type of dust. It appears to really enjoy it.

7. Chinchillas Have A Long Lifespan

Chinchilla lifespan is 10-15 years. What is more, they can even live up to 20 years. Well, if you create a strong, long-lasting bond with your chinchilla, it may be a good friend for many years. What is more, it is a perfect companionship for your children.

8. Chinchilla Normally Stay Healthy

Chinchillas don’t suffer from usual diseases. The only danger for them is temperature. Do not get them too hot or cold. If you won’t follow this advice, your funny creature will die.

9. Chinchillas Are Trainable

If you want your chinchilla to be potty-trained, you can do it. Of course, you need to be patient and start the training from a young age. Well, if you build a strong bond with a chinchilla, it will become a very social and friendly pet.

10. Chinchillas Are Fine With Other Animals

Chinchilla’s personality is easy-going. So, it gets along with other pets very well. But keep in mind, you should always watch out for your pets when you introduce them.