how to move a flat screen TV

How To Transport A Flat Screen TV

Once you move to a new home, sell a TV to a new owner, or give a TV away, you will deal with the task of packing and transporting your electronic device. Flat screen TVs are extremely delicate, so that any wrong move can cost you a lot of money. Thus, you need to be aware of some essentials to move a flat screen TV and avoid any additional damage. Refer to a professional transportation company if you doubt whether you can cope with TV transportation on your own. Today, we’ll introduce you to the best way to transport a TV.

How to pack a flat screen TV?

Before being engaged in TV transportation, you need to pack it correctly. It seems like a good idea to use a box while shipping, but what if you throw out a box that your TV came in? Don’t worry, and you can easily purchase another specialty box for your flat screen TV, but consider measurements when you buy a new one. Apart from that, multiple people want to know how to transport a TV without a box. Your best bet is to use several moving blankets.

Your first task is to remove all the cables from your TV, twist them, and pack them separately. It would be better to take a photo of TV wiring so it will be easier for you to take cords back to their place after transportation. Next, remove any wall mount or screws from a flat screen TV resulting in a more straightforward shipping process. You can store such mounts in a separate bag until you can attach them again. 

Finally, you need to place a device in a box. To protect the four corners of a TV, you should use foam pieces that you can fix by wrapping a flat screen into a stretch wrap. An extra layer of stretch wrap is also an excellent idea to protect a TV from any elements. When you place a TV in a box, don’t let it drop to the bottom but secure it and make moves slowly. Utilize some soft clothes if you notice gaps in the box to avoid shifting.

How to transport a large TV?

If you doubt – can you lay a flat screen TV down, our advice is to consider another way of transportation. It would be better to transport your TV propped up instead of laying it down while shipping. You can prop a TV up by using some soft furniture or a couple of mattresses.

Why is laying a flat screen TV on its side a bad idea? It can significantly increase the chances of damage to the LCD crystals of a screen and plasma. If you decide to lay a TV down, you can interfere with the balance and put the entire weight to the center. As a result, such a position can lead to crack occurring.