U.S. Citizenship

How to Apply for U.S. Citizenship?

Many people want to know how to become a US citizen. According to a recent report, immigration is very important for economic growth. People from 3rd world are highly ambitious towards more developed countries like U.K, Canada, and U.S.A to become a citizen. These countries also welcome new people and also offer their Temporary Residence (TR) and Permanent Resident (PR) according to their rules and regulations. You should know the TN visa cost. To become a citizen of the United States you must meet their visa requirement. It is not easy to get American citizenship.

Why Does America Offer Citizenship?

There are many reasons for that USA has offer citizenship. Immigration is a reason for economic growth and they lead growth with three main factors:

The capital of industry (entrepreneurship)
Human resources (human capital)
If you have any ability and you are hardworking then you are welcome to become a citizen.  


How to become a citizen of USA? The answer is to fulfill the basic requirements of American citizenship. For the implement of American citizenship is a lengthy and spacious process. The applications are taken to proceed by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Make sure that you know how to get American citizenship. Here we quote some basic requirements that every person has to meet for American citizenship. 
– You must have a Green Card;
– Eligible age is for application is started from 18;
– You have to already live in the U.S. legally as a permanent resident for at least five years; 

– It is easy for you, if you are married to an American citizen, refugee, or get your green card through state shelter;
– In the course of five years, you have been bodily present in the U.S.;
– You must not be an honor of any property in another country;
– You don’t have any criminal record;
– English is your first language;
– You can pass a test about U.S. history and government;

– You will promise that you have to believe in the laws of the U.S. Constitution and will be faithful to the U.S. Government.
These are the requirements for citizenship. If you meet with all these above requirements then you can submit your application for American citizenship. To become an American citizen it is not necessary to have only one nationality, means if you are already a citizen of another country,  you can also apply for American citizenship. If you need to know about laws and another and even dual nationality then you can concern a country’s embassy or consulate.
After submission of an application for becoming us citizen, you will have to wait for months because USCIS is a slow operating system. USCIS briefly check each and every document and also detect any kind of fraud.  This procedure is too slow and you will get fingerprints and an interview schedule after a long-awaited time.


Once you get the interview, that means you have passed the first step of citizenship. But this interview is not as easy as you think. USCIS agent will check your English abilities. He will also check the knowledge about the US government and history.  Agents are not there to fail any person, but you have to prepare for your interview, as you must know the basic history and rules and regulations of the country.

Oath Ceremony:

If you pass your interview, then you will receive an invitation to the Swearing ceremony in which you will take the oath and also get a certificate of citizenship.
To become a citizen of the United States, you must study and paperwork first. Lots of time is required in this entire procedure.