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How Safe Are Shrooms?

Want to know more about magic mushrooms. Otherwise, they are called psilocybin mushrooms. This psychedelic substance helps to relax and feel a state of euphoria. It also has a good effect on mental health. So, if you want to try the effect of psilocybin on yourself, buy safe shrooms online. However, before using them, read about how to do it right. We have prepared the information that will be interesting and important for you. Furthermore, we will also talk about when mushrooms can be dangerous and how to avoid them. 

How safe are shrooms

Let’s start with whether are shrooms safe? Numerous studies have proven that it is safe. Some of them also investigate the positive effects of shrooms on the body. For example, the MAPS study (The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies), which proved that psilocybin is an excellent drug for patients with depression and anxiety. Another advantage of magic mushrooms is that they are not addictive. So, psilocybin mushrooms are safe and even have a positive effect on our health.

When are shrooms not safe to eat

So, when are shrooms not safe to eat? Some factors can affect this. That is why we have prepared for you information on what to look for before using them. First, you need to know what parts of shrooms are not safe. So, the question often arises about the part of the fungus that is located as a protective layer over the spores. However, it is safe. The only thing you should pay attention to is the parts of the shroom that are covered with mold or mucus. It’s not safe to eat. You also need to know where to buy safe shrooms. Many connoisseurs like to look for them on their own. However, you should know how to distinguish psilocybin mushrooms from toadstools. Otherwise, you may be poisoned. That is why we advise you to prefer purchasing mushrooms. You can order them online. There you will find a large selection and will be able to get them in a short time.

How many shrooms are safe

Eating mushrooms can also be dangerous if you take it too much. If you are a beginner, you should first try how your body responds to psilocybin. Then you will be able to increase the dosage. So, how many shrooms are safe? We recommend starting with 1g. dried mushrooms. The normal dose is 1-3g. You can also try the fresh mushrooms. So, the dose that we recommend eating is 10-30g.

It is also very important to know how often it is safe to take shrooms. So, frequent use can lead to reduced tolerance. Therefore, we recommend taking breaks between trips. It can also lead to overdose and side effects. It may be dangerous to mix the use of magic mushrooms with other psychedelics. Also, do not drink alcohol during your trip.