Cell Phone Radiation

5 Tips How You Can Minimize Cell Phone Radiation

A few years ago there was a big concern among the worlds’ famous scientists. All of them were sure that cell phone radiation is the most significant factor that affects the work of the brain. What is more, they say that hand holding cell phone near your head may result in brain cancer or other health hazards. Well, here we are to figure out how to minimize the used iPhone x radiation exposure. Top 5 useful tips are given below!

1. Text or Use A Wired Headset Instead of Calling

The research shows that cell phones emit RF. It is a radio frequency radiation. What is more, even the low level of its exposure leads to the cancerous mutation. So, it is important to hold your phone as far from the vital organs as you can. Well, the use of the headset will reduce the concentration of RF near your brain. As a result, you are more likely to get rid of the effects of cellphone use on the brain.

2. Do Not Wear Your Phone

As it was written above, you should keep your phone out of your body because of radio frequency radiation. But do you know that the phone is emitting the harmful exposure every minute it is turned on? And how does holding phone to ear affect your health? No matter whether you are calling someone or just carrying the phone in your bag, it is always on alert. Every minute your phone is emitting the RF to connect to the nearest antenna. Well, avoid clipping the phone to the body during your morning workout, do not carry it in the pocket, and forget about holding the phone in your bra. If you will listen to this advice, then nothing will harm your health.

3. Do Not Use Your Cell Phone as an Alarm Clock

If your phone is serving as the wake-up clock, then it is more likely to exposure radiation during your sleep. Of course, the best advice is to turn off your phone at night. When you sleep the body repair mechanisms are doing their best while the body’s defenses are having a rest. As a result, there is nobody to defend you from the harmful influence of your phone. So, keep it on a safe distance or just turn it off. The sweet dreams without any radiation burns from cell phones are guaranteed.

4. Buy a Radiation Blocking Case

Also known as a defender case, it is a great thing to reduce the radiation of your phone with no efforts. How do they work? Naturally, these cases are made to redirect electromagnetic radiation. The tissue of the case absorbs the phone radiation. So, it may be a great opportunity for people who can’t imagine their phone being out for a long time.

5. Do Not Use Your Phone When the Signal Is Bad

When the radiation is weak, then your phone will automatically increase the power of radiation to its maximum. Presumably, you did not know this before. But keep in mind, when you are more aware of the cell phone radiation effects on the brain, you will understand how important it is to turn your phone off when the signal is weak.